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LSA - A True Independent Approach

About LSA

LSA provides independent investment advisors with the tools and infrastructure they need to put clients first. In fact, helping independent investment advisors succeed is how we measure our success.

In today's economy and unpredictable market performance it has never been more important for investment advisors to have access to effective and reliable portfolio analytics. It is also crucial to follow a disciplined, Fiduciary-First methodology and to monitor client portfolios diligently, making adjustments as market circumstances dictate.

LSA was founded to serve as the independent research and analysis resource for wealth management practices across the country. Today, LSA serves over 200 independent advisors from coast to coast by offering active portfolio management for industry leading mutual funds, ETF's, and insurance and annuity products.

Have you ever thought to yourself...

  • I just don't have the time to properly research, allocate, monitor and  document all of my investment decisions

  • Am I developing the most effective plans for my clients with the most productive investments?

  • Is my office  prepared when the auditors inevitably come calling?

Delivering Superior Service... What You Get

  • Instant Access to Our Actively Managed Portfolios for a Subscription Price

  • Customized Presentation Materials

  • Outstanding Research & Compliance Resources

  • Access to the FANN Radio Network &


    As we look to the future, LSA is 100% committed to your success. As always our mission is to help investment professionals continue doing what they do best - providing sound guidance and advice to their clients.  Contact one of our friendly, team-oriented professionals today, at or 866.581.5724

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